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The respiratory trainer “Frolov Phenomenon” TDI-01 – medicine of the third millennium! How was the TDI-01 trainer “Frolov’s Phenomenon” created? Effects of recovery Awards Pay your atention! TDI-01 Manual recommendations Prices and orders Contact us


In the year 2008 The European academy of natural sciences has been awarded Vladimir Frolov with the “Leonardo da Vinci” medal and Galina Blagova (President of Lotos Co Ltd. ) with the “Albert Schweitzer” medal. Pay your attention on a dates of the diplomas – December 25, 2008. Had been other Frolov respiratory trainer “originals” […]

TDI-01 Manual recommendations.

Please follow the link below to read manual instructions for Frolov Phenomenon trainer TDI-01. Find your preffered language as described. Russian Page 1 – Методические рекомендации English Page 33 – Systematic recomendation German Page 17. – Systematische empfehlungen Spanish Page 49 – Recomendationes systematical TDI-01 MANUAL RECOMMENDATIONS

Prices and orders

Тhis is an export model of the medical device Individual Respiratory Trainer TDI-01 “Frolov’s Phenomenon” for distribution within the EU. Included are detailed manual recomentadions in English, German, Spanish and Russian languages as well as a Declaration of Conformity from the manufacturer Lotos Co Ltd. in accordance with the Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices. Prices […]

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Pay your atention!

TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! Please take a few minutes to learn why! YOU’VE FINALLY FOUND THE ORIGINAL RESPIRATORY TRAINER TDI-01. The Russian Lotos Co., Ltd has been the producer of the Individual Respiratory Trainer “Frolov phenomenon” TM since the year 2006. Till the year 2006 the trainer was produced under the trade mark “Frolov […]


Effects of recovery

At present, a fairy rich material from application of the method of V.F. Frolov and his trainer for healing has been accumulated, as well as a considerable number of facts and figures. Here are given the results of the clinical examinations. The effects of the organism’s recovery that are achieved by exercises with the trainer […]

How was the TDI-01 trainer “Frolov’s Phenomenon” created?

The respiratory trainer “Frolov”s Phenomenon” is a result of the struggle for life of the Russian scientist Vladimir Fyodorovich Frolov. Frolov, a Candidate of Biological Sciences, had been working as chief of a secret department at one the research institutes at the Ministry of Defense of the former USSR (Soviet Union). Similarly to many other […]

How to prolong our life and get rid of diseases with TDI-01 “Frolov Phenomenon”?

HOW TO GET RID ON MY OWN OF: DIABETES, ASTHMA…? How can my children forget about viruses and flu without vaccine? How can my parents recover from stroke or heart attack? How to give birth to a healthy child? How to lose weight? How to get pregnant? How to quit smoking? How to get out […]

The respiratory trainer “Frolov Phenomenon” TDI-01 – medicine of the third millennium!

See also: Pay your atention! Do you know what TRAINER TDI-01 “FROLOV PHENOMENON” is? This is a small medical device to BREATHE AT HOME. Its weight is 130 grams and it does not need electricity. It is called “trainer” because it is used for respiratory exercises that take 15-30 minutes per day. The trainer is […]