The respiratory trainer “Frolov Phenomenon” TDI-01 – medicine of the third millennium!

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Do you know what TRAINER TDI-01 “FROLOV PHENOMENON” is?

This is a small medical device to BREATHE AT HOME. Its weight is 130 grams and it does not need electricity.

It is called “trainer” because it is used for respiratory exercises that take 15-30 minutes per day.

The trainer is without precedent in modern medicine, because with its help a person can ON HIS OWN overcome more than 150 diseases.

The tool is a medical device Class I in accordance with Directive 93/42 on Medical Devices of the European Union.

It is registered in the Executive Agency on Medicines at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria for sale within the European Union.

The respiratory trainer “Frolov Phenomenon” TDI-01 is a result of the struggle for his own life of V.F. Frolov. Read more…

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In the life of humanity events periodically happen, and these events are called by modern scientists “typical to the civilization”

The discovery of fire, invention of the wheel, written language, radio, TV, personal computer, Internet – all these significantly accelerated the movement of humanity towards progress.

Nowadays, one event has taken place  which, apparently, after some time will be named as “typical to the civilization”.

This event is the invention of the Russian scientist Valentin Fyodorovich Frolov – the respiratory trainer “Frolov phenomenon” and development of the system “Endogenous Breathing”, implemented by means of this device.

This is a real know-how in the field of medicine, which globally solves the problem with the treatment of incurable diseases and prolongs life.

The respiratory trainer “Frolov Phenomenon” is a panacea, coming from extreme antiquity, scientifically proved and tested in practice.

How to prolong your life?

The secrets of the ancient schools on perfection of the body and the spirit have been finally discovered!

These simple secrets will help you start a new life!

This method is much more powerful than all means created by the man – the Method of Endogenous Breathing.

This method is more than 10,000 year old.

While in the past the Method of the Endogenous Breathing been available only to a limited number of selected people, the revolutionary breakthrough in 1995 made it accessible to everybody who wishes it.

Change yourself and the world around!

Exercises with TDI-01 stimulate cellular energetic circulation and as a consequence harmonize the psychological and emotional condition, which affects our life priorities and relations with the others.

Practicing respiration with the trainer one radically changes the quality of his own life:

- Loads the body with energy

- Repeatedly increases its inner reserves

- Becomes more and more harmonious

- Is always in excellent state of mind

- Views the world positively and tries to help his relatives to reach the same condition.

All this will happen if you learn the method of endogenous respiration with the TDI-01 trainer.

Information by the only official producer of the trainer is used in this web site.
Lotos OOO, Russia, Omsk

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