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The Russian Lotos Co., Ltd has been the producer of the Individual Respiratory Trainer “Frolov phenomenon” TM since the year 2006.

Till the year 2006 the trainer was produced under the trade mark “Frolov respiratory trainer” by the company ‘Dinamika”, the city of Novosibirsk.

The respiratory trainer “Frolov phenomenon” is an invention of Vladimir Fyodorovich Frolov – the author of the endogenous respiration method.

This is a know-how at the Russian market in the field of restorative medicine in the form of universal treatment and renovation of the whole organism.

As per therapeutic specifications and methods of treatment it has no analogues in the field of medicine.

TDI – that are the first letters of the russian words for

Trenazhor (Trainer)

Dihatelniy (Respiratory)

Individualniy (Individual)

01 – means the first (the original)

In the year 2008 The European academy of natural sciences has been awarded Vladimir Frolov with “Leonardo da Vinci” medal and Galina Blagova (President of Lotos Co Ltd. ) with “Albert Schweitzer” medal.

Pay your attention on a dates of the diplomas – December 25, 2008. Please see photos.


If you want to BREATHE and get HEALTHY, buy here and now.

You do not need to waste your time getting no results with other “original” Frolov respiration TDI-01 trainers!

We’ve received many letters of people, tired of using other TDI-01 trainer’s “modifications”.

They finally achieved results after 2-3 exercises and felt better after purchasing and use of our product.

Since 2006 the only one official manufacturer of TDI-01 is Lotos Company, Omsk, Russia.

The other manufacturers have changed the construction of the original trainer, because they have no license agreement to produce original device.

Millions of people healed from their diseases with the real Lotos’s trainer.


1. Haven’t you heard about the manufacturer LOTOS? Better late than never! It is really popular in Europe and Russia.

2. It’s up to you to decide which product to buy. Life is yours. We are here to inform you which one worths.

Here you are information from the official web site of the Lotos company:

“The individual respiratory trainer TDI-01 (Frolov’s inhaler) is designed for making respiratory exercises with the purpose of treatment of chronic diseases which are insusceptible to treatment by chemicals and other means, for prophylaxis, stamina increasing and stresses treatment.

It has been scientifically proved that making exercises using the “Frolov phenomenon” trainer 20-30 minutes per day as per the system it’s possible to overcome more than 150 the most serious diseases of the civilization:

diseases of kidneys, stomach, liver, nervous and urogenital system and many others.

On a definite stage of trainings according to this system prerequisites for super tolerance and longevity of the organism are created.

The method’s operation as per the degree of effectiveness is comparable with yoga respiratory exercises with the difference that they do not require long time of exercises and special training course.

Only 15-20 minutes a day of exercises using the trainer “Frolov phenomenon” for a short period of time will allow you to throw off diseases, normalize all processes in the organism, increase the stamina. And this means that you’ll be healthy and happy.

The practice shows that this system is easy to master even for a child or 90 years old senior people.

Start today exercising with the real respiratory trainer TDI-01

and feel younger, stronger and healthy!

It’s worth it!


Our company 8 Kiana ltd. is an official partner of Lotos Company, Russia – the only one legal manufacturer of TDI-01.

If you have any questions visit our CONTACT US page here…

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