How was the TDI-01 trainer “Frolov’s Phenomenon” created?

The respiratory trainer “Frolov”s Phenomenon” is a result of the struggle for life of the Russian scientist Vladimir Fyodorovich Frolov.

Frolov, a Candidate of Biological Sciences, had been working as chief of a secret department at one the research institutes at the Ministry of Defense of the former USSR (Soviet Union).

Similarly to many other people, with aging Frolov had gained a great number of diseases: asthma, hypertension, stomach ulcer, urolithiasis, arthritis.

Moreover, the doctors had found a stomach tumor.

All this pushed the scientist to apply to non-traditional methods of health treatment.

Sports, annealing, starvation diet, application of naturopathic therapy did not lead to his health improvement.

At that time the method of Buteiko was widely popularized.  Trainings according to that system had some results but they required many physical and strong-willed efforts!

Having conceived the experience of ancient and modern respiratory exercises, Frolov became more and more convinced that the respiration is a key to health.

In this way he came to the idea of creation of a respiratory method, which as per effectiveness is compared with respiratory yoga techniques.

In order to make these techniques available to all people, he decided to invent such a device. After many years of exhaustive work theTDI-01 trainer had been created.

Naturally, the inventor himself had became  the first investigator of the device.

He used the trainer 25-30 minutes per day. Then, the miracle happened – diseases had bean caasing, and after two years THE TUMOR HAD COMPLETELY DISSAPEATED.

Moreover,  the body temperature was reduced with 1 degree. According to Japanese scientists the human body temperature reduction with a degree creates conditions for additional life resource of 50 years.

The comprehensive research of the Florov’s organism, implemented at the Second Moscow Medical Institute shocked specialists and scientists.

When the inventor was at the age of 65, his biological age corresponded to the age of a 20-year-old sportsman!

The photo shows Frolov at the age of 65, the pigment of his gray hairs had been recovered.

But the real wonder happened when the same result had been achieved by his friends, acquaintances and, as consequence, thousands of successors of this method.

At present, it is impossible to publish the great number of letters to the inventor received that express gratefulness for recovery from different diseases.

It is scientifically proved that by exercising with this method using the trainer 20-30 minutes  per day, it is possible to overcome more than 150 of the most serious diseases of the civilization.

At a certain stage of the respiratory trainings with the method of the endogenous breathing, prerequisites for great vital resistance and longevity of the organism are created.

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