Effects of recovery

At present, a fairy rich material from application of the method of V.F. Frolov and his trainer for healing has been accumulated, as well as a considerable number of facts and figures. Here are given the results of the clinical examinations.

The effects of the organism’s recovery that are achieved by exercises with the trainer TDI-01 “Frolov’s phenomenon” are:
- Restoration of the blood circulation, vessels, improvement of blood composition (small capillaries are purified and new ones are formed). Observations showed that the elasticity of blood vessels is improved and the varicose veins are tightened, while continuously bleeding wound scars are healed.
- Restoration of the optimal functioning of the heart. Observations showed that the most unfavorable symptoms of cardiovascular insufficiency such as suffocation and general weakness disappear. Not only subjective, but also objective indicators are restored (for example electrocardiogram).

- Restoration of the metabolism.
- Restoration of the general energy exchange.

- Cells are sated with oxygen and energy.
- Massage of internal organs by diaphragm respiration: the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, lungs, heart. 
- Natural purification of the entire organism.
- Restoration of the gaseous exchange and acid-base balance in the organism (by changing gas and oxygen ratio in the inspired air). 
- Establishment of hyperactive immune system.
- Restoration of the nervous system.
- Retardation of the aging process (the number of free radicals in the organism is reduced to 4-5 times less!).
- Rejuvenation of the organism (reduction of the body temperature with 1 degree by natural means). 
- Elimination of the stress and emotional tension.
- Treatment of sleep disorder and depression.
- Increasing of the intellectual and physical activity.

- Elimination of muscle and articular pains. Restoration of the joints after a year-long chronic arthritis, as well as of the lower limbs after traumas of the sciatic nerve.
- Restoration of the locomotor apparatus after old (15-30 years) traumas.

- Regulation of both high and low blood pressure.

- Curing of bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis.

- Organisms of patients with diabetes normalize the indicators of glucose (i.e. the sugar) in blood, elimination of insulin dependence is also recorded.

- The sexual potency of men aged 55-69 years is restored, as well as the fertility function of women aged 48-55 years.

- Curing of diseases of the genitalia of both women (uterus, ovaries) and men (prostate gland, etc.)

- Curing of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, and chronic colitis.

- Curing of kidney-stones’ and gallstone disease.

- Curing of chronic headaches (migraines).

The regular exercises with the trainer lead to other achievements such as:
- improvement of the skin condition
- smoothing of wrinkles
- strengthening of the hair roots
- restoring the pigmentation of gray hairs
- regulation of the sleep, weight, eye-seeing
- improvement of the mood and temper.

The speech, memory and hearing are also recovered.

People who apply endogenous respiration quite visibly appear to look younger than their peers!

This list could continue almost indefinitely.

In practice, therapeutic effect of the new technique of endogenous respiration appears in each disease. According to V.F. Frolov himself, all these facts clearly demonstrate and convincingly confirm the effectiveness (and in practice – the universality) of the method that he has developed

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