Frolov’s individual respiratory trainer IRT-01 in English

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The respiratory trainer “Frolov’s phenomenon” is a know-how at the Russian market in the field of restorative medicine in the form of universal treatment and renovation of the whole organism. As per therapeutic specifications and methods of treatment it has no analogues in the field of medicine.

The individual respiratory trainer ITR-01 (Frolov’s inhaler) is designed for making respiratory exercises with the purpose of treatment of chronic diseases which are insusceptible to treatment by chemicals and other means, for prophylaxis, stamina increasing and stresses treatment.

The respiratory exercises system with the help of the trainer “Frolov phenomenon” increases the quality of all biochemical processes, renders positive influence on the whole organism and it is the energy system which for the first time has made available to the humanity the endogenic respiration phenomenon and leads the humanity to the new quality life level.

Information used is from the web site of the official manufacturer Lotos Co. Ltd., Omsk, Russia,

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